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Bold Cuts, New styles are many words that describe Natalya Toporova’s Swimwear Collection. Her inspiration is to empower woman, to feel beautiful, sexy and unique . Stand out from the crowd and enjoy fashion! Natalya Toporova focused her designing to create bold cuts and unique pieces than ever in this Swimwear Collection. All Pieces are hand made in Miami to perfecting the perfect piece for every beach goer!

Natalya Toporova’ s Designs are made for a confident woman who wants to stand out and be comfortable in her own skin, on the go and always fashionable! Published in various magazines and covers such as FHM, LA fashion Magazine,SEVENTRIBES, CigarSnob,cover of Kamoy Magazine and much more!

Born in Russia, raised in Canada and currently living in Miami,

Natalya Toporova’ s Swimwear is growing worldwide! You will see her designs in various fashion shows in Miami, Russia and Canada. Magazines from NY, LA and Paris! Growing Brand, Natalya's designs come alive every season with new styles, cuts and colors that you will never see another beach goer wearing!

What differentiate Natalya Toporova Swimwear from other designers is she accepts custom orders and allows their clients that special touch in choosing their preference of colors, cuts and styles! 

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